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July 28 - August 2

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Sting plays at Olavsfestdagene
Sting plays at
Patty Griffin
Patty Griffin
30 juli
The Veil of the Temple
The Veil of
the Temple
Vamp 31
Experience giant concert until dawn
Experience giant
concert until dawn
Listen to «Sermon on the Mount» performed by Henrik Mestad
Listen to «Sermon on the
Mount» performed by Henrik
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Sting avslutter årets Borggårdskonserter
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Sting in the Archbishop´s Yard12. January

Opplev gigantkonsert frem til morgengry
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Experience giant concert until dawn11. January

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Listen to “Sermon on the Mount” performed by Henrik Mestad11. January

SFO-dag - foto Hans Kristian Ryttersveen
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Thanks for the festival of 2014!11. January

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Security at the festival27. July

Høymesse med temaet FOLK
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The Services of the Festival2. July

Sting avslutter årets Borggårdskonserter

Sting in the Archbishop´s Yard

Monday 12. January, kl 07:04     Share on Facebook     Tweet

The world-renowned artist, songwriter and activist Sting and his five man strong band will be performing in the Archbishop´s Yard at Olavsfestdagene, Saturday the 1st of August.

Ticket sales will start on Tuesday the 13th of January at 09:00.


When Sting performs in the Archbishop´s Yard we can expect to hear songs from his amazing solo career as well as well-known hits from his time in The Police. You can already look forward to singing along to songs like «Every Breath You Take» and «Roxanne» in the beautiful surroundings of the Archbishop´s Yard.

– Sting is an artist we have wanted to book for years, and finally we managed to, says Programme Director of Olavsfestdagene, Jens Storli.

– Sting has a fantastic variety of songs with strong melodies and strong lyrics that suits Olavsfestdagene very well.


See Sting in a performance at Durham Cathedral in 2009 in the video below.


Socially engaged

Sting is a very socially engaged artist. He has involved himself in the fight for the Rainforest Indians´s cause and is also very engaged in Amnesty International. He has expressed his social engagement in many of his songs: «They Dance Alone» is about victims under Pinochet´s dictatorship in Chile, while «Russians» examines the Cold War.

Equally important as his social engagement is Sting´s countless songs about life and death, love and grief, and the meaning of it all. Sting grew up in a Catholic family in Newcastle in northern England, but considers himself an agnostic today: «I have no problem with God. It is the religion I have an issue with.»



Sting performes in the Archbishop´s Yard on Saturday the 1st of August. Immediately after the concert, the audience may experience the seven hour long work «The Veil of the Temple» in the Nidaros Cathedral. An excellent match, as Sting is one of the artists John Tavener, the composer of «The Veil of the Temple», collaborated with. On Tavener´s website Sting is listed as one of the artists he is indebted to.

Opplev gigantkonsert frem til morgengry

Experience giant concert until dawn

Sunday 11. January, kl 22:50     Share on Facebook     Tweet

When you walk out of the Nidaros Cathedral just after sunrise in the morning hours of the 2nd of August, you will be one of very few people who have experienced a performance of the seven-hour long work «The Veil of the Temple».

When 170 choristers and some 20 musicians perform the work through a whole night, it will be one of Olavsfestdagene´s most prestigious projects ever.

For more information about tickets!

Perfect venue

Because of its complexity, the work has only been performed five times previously. The conductor of the evening, Stephen Layton, inspected the Nidaros Cathedral in December and told Adresseavisen afterward that the Cathedral will be a fantastic venue for the work.

– I can already imagine when all the musicians and the audience leave the church underneath the Steinmeyer Organ, he says.

Layton is considered one of the world’s best conductors and he is Chief Conductor of the Polyphony, which Gramophone ranks as one of the world’s best choirs. In 2001 he ordered the work the Veil of the Temple from composer Sir John Tavener to perform this in the Temple Church in London.


Wants to attract attention.

Already, during the preparations for the premiere, the composer and the conductor dreamed of being able to perform the work in a cathedral. Unfortunately Tavener, who died in 2013, will not experience this becoming a reality for the first time during Olavsfestdagene.

The festival´s director Petter Myhr, told Adresseavisen that he believes the audience are in for a special experience.

– Tavener fits very well into our ambitions to offer the public works and performances that attract attention, not only in Norway, but internationally. This is sure to attract attention, he says.


Time as this year´s theme

The Veil of the Temple is composed in eight cycles, like a giant prayer wheel, Tavener himself said. The work is clearly based in Christianity, but also takes in elements from the other world religions. Both the theme and the length makes the work a natural part of this year´s Olavsfestdagene.

– It is a beautiful, magnificent work that lasts very long, and that gives you a completely different experience of time than what you usually will get at a concert. The theme for the 2015 Olavsfestdagene is time, which means this concert is very well suited this year, Petter Myhr told NRK in December.


An enormous project

One of the reasons why the work has been performed so few times, is that it is a very demanding work to perform, also when it comes to organizing the concert.

Programme Director of Olavsfestdagene, Jens Storli says to Adresseavisen that this is a concert the festival would not have been able to organize only a few years ago.

– This is a huge work that requires a lot, not only artistically, but also when it comes to planning and organizing. Just a few years ago this would have been too ambitious for us. But now we have the expertise that this sort of performance requires, says Storli.



All the musicians performing in the work will meet in Trondheim one week before the concert to rehearse together. The performers will be the Holst Singers from London, who took part of the premiere of the work, Norwegian Soloists´ Choir, Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir and Nidaros Cathedral Choir. If you wish to listen to the work up front, conductor Layton recommends the CD from the premiere at London Temple Church.


Listen to “Sermon on the Mount” performed by Henrik Mestad

Sunday 11. January, kl 20:44     Share on Facebook     Tweet

Reexperience the magic from the 2014 festival.

Actor Henrik Mestad performed the greatest speech of all time,  “Sermon on the Mount” at the West Front Meeting tuesday 29th of July.

Here you can listen to NRK Livet´s recordings  of the speech.


SFO-dag - foto Hans Kristian Ryttersveen

Thanks for the festival of 2014!

Sunday 11. January, kl 20:34     Share on Facebook     Tweet

Another fantastic festival is over. Here we have gathered a few good memories from the summer days go 2014.

Fra Åpningsseremonien hvor festivalens verdier Tro, Håp og Rettferdighet hadde en sentral plass. Foto: Hilde Wormdahl

From the opening ceremony where the festival values Faith, Hope and Justice played a central part. Photo: Hilde Wormdahl

Haddy N`Jie trollband tilhørerne med sin tale om temaet FOLK på det første Vestfrontmøtet.

Haddy N`Jie made a spellbining speech about this year´s theme PEOLPE at the festival´s first West Front Meeting.

Magisk solnedgang under Lars Winnerbäck-konserten i Borggården

Magical sunset during the Lars Winnerbäck concert in the Archbishop´s Yard.

SFO-barn i hele Trondheim hadde laget SMÅ-FOLK som ble vevd sammen til en SMÅ-FOLK-VEV

Children from the after school activities from all over Trondheim had made little PEOPLE who were gathered together in a LILLTE-PEOPLE-WEAVE.

Messe i h-moll, dirigert av René Jacobs fylte Nidarosdomen til randen.

Mass in B-minor, conducted by René Jacobs filled the Nidaros Cathedral to the brinks.

Som vanlig et yrende liv på Historisk Marked i Borggården. Foto: Hilde Wormdahl

As usual, a lot of people visited the historical marked in the Archbishop´s Yard. Photo: Hilde Wormdahl

Cameron Carpenter og hans orgelsko trakterte Steinmeyeorgelet.

Cameron Carpenter and his organ-shoes put the new Steinemeyer Organ to a test.

Mavis Staples i Vår Frue Kirke. Foto: Laura Ann Morrison

Mavis Staples in the Church of Our Lady. Photo: Laura Ann Morrison

Morten Harket i Borggården. Foto: Camilla Moe Rødven

Morten Harket in the Archbishop´s Yard. Photo: Camilla Moe Rødven

SiLyA! For ei dame! Foto: Camilla Moe Rødven

SiLyA! What a Lady! Photo: Camilla Moe Rødven

Ridderturneringen var hardtslående som vanlig! Foto: Elisabeth Fagerland

The Knight Tournament was hardhitting as usual! Photo: Elisabeth Fagerland

Det var svært mange som ville høre Geir Lippestad samtale om Min Tro i Vår Frue Kirke. Foto: Hilde Wormdahl

A lot of people wanted to hear Geir Lippestad in conversation with Alf van der Hagen about My Faith in the Church of Our Lady. Photo: Hilde Wormdahl

Malek Jandali spilte i Nidarosdomen under samtale i Domen.

Malek Jandali played in the Nidaros Cathedral during Conversation in the Dome.

Vi hadde også besøk av barn fra hele verden gjennom seminaret Barns Rett til å Bli Hørt. Foto: Hilde Wormdahl

We were also visited by children from all over the world through the seminar Children´s Right to be Heard. Photo: Hilde Wormdahl

Åge og Sambandet var en fantastisk avslutning på årets borggårdskonserter.

Åge & Sambandet made sure we had a fantastic finale of this year´s concerts in the Archbishop´s Yard.

Stappfullt i Borggården under Åge og Sambandet. Foto: Hilde Wormdahl

As full as it can get in the Archbishop´s Yard during the concert with Åge & Sambandet. Photo: Hilde Wormdahl


Security at the festival

Sunday 27. July, kl 18:37     Share on Facebook     Tweet

Olavsfestdagene is getting some inquiries about the security at the events of the festival. Our own Security Manager is keeping regularly in contact with the police, and they recommend us to continue the festival programme as planned.

The police will have a greater presence in the city, and encourage people to act as usual.

Høymesse med temaet FOLK

The Services of the Festival

Wednesday 2. July, kl 14:42     Share on Facebook     Tweet

Just like in the medieval ages, people of our time also gather in the Nidaros Cathedral for both  feast and celebrations, and to experience the subtle and meditative.

The services in the Nidaros Cathedral during Olavsfestdagene offers all this – from the grand High Mass with beautiful music and strong expression to the silent pilgrim services where the music accompanied can be a simple flute or we leave room for silence.

This year the newly restored Steinmeyer Organ will set its mark on the services in the Nidaros Cathedral. In 2014, it is also natural to focus on the Constitution Jubilee and its importance in the celebration of religious services. And we mark the 1000-year anniversary of Saint Olav´s baptism, which took place in Rouen in France in 1014. A new thing this year are the Daily Prayers in the Church of Our Lady at 14:00. In addition a few of the liturgy of the hour prayers will take place in the Church of Our Lady.


One of the highlights of Olavsfestdagene is the Oslok celebrations and the Olav´s Wake.

Olsok marks the memory of when Olav died in the Battle of Stiklestad July the 29th, 1030. The Olav´s Wake stems from Catholic times, when it was common to wake and pray through the night. Despite the ban on all saints and to hold masses at night during the Reformation, Olsok stayed as a day of festivities in the folk tradition. Olav lived on as the sacred King in legends and customs all over the country until the Olsok celebration revitalized after the celebration of the 900th anniversary of his death in 1930.

Olsok Celebration today

July 29th – St. Olav’s Day – was the great celebration in Trondheim, making the night of July 29th, the Olav´s Wake,  important. Today, what we have called the sacred day, starts by the liturgy of the hour´s Vesper on july the 28th. In the evening of July the 28th the pilgrims walk towards Nidarosdomen from all over town.


Church Programme during Olavsfestdagene:

Saturday 26th of June

08:30   Pilgrim Service


Sunday 27th of June

11:00   High Mass with the theme “Faith, Hope, and Justice»
The Sunday Service takes place on the first of the two Sundays during the festival. The theme for the service is “Faith, Hope and Justice.” Petter Skauen, a many year´s peace worker in Latin and Central America for amongst others Kirkens Nødhjelp will be making the sermon. Nidaros Oratoriekor will be singing.


Monday 28th of July

14:00   Daily Prayer

08:30   Pilgrim Service

17:30   Vesper
Vespers (evensong) is the service at sunset. Anciently, and from a liturgical point of view, vespers (the evening before) was the start of the day/celebration.

11:00   Olav´s Wake. Midnight Mass, with Schola Sancta Sunnivae.
The night before July the 29th is celebrated by the Olav´s wake. An old tradition of wake-service, where one would wake through the night before the day King Olav meets his fate at Stiklestad. In our time it is the service where pilgrims gather from all directions and walk together towards the Cathedral for community and prayer.

00:30 to 8:00   The sacred night (Vigilie) – the night between 28th and 29th of July
This night the church is open for all people to come experience the sacred. Vigilie (Vigils), the Night Office, will in 2014 be sung in a shortened version. The Steinmeyer organ will be played. During this holy night we invite to meditation sessions in the chapels around the church. Chaplain Beate Iren Lerdahl leads the meditation sessions.


Tuesday 29th July

08:00   Laudes
Laudes (Lauds) is the service at daybreak The first service in the morning. The liturgy praises the new day to come.

11:00   Olsok High Mass.
St. Olaf’s Day, July 29, celebrated the grand Olsokhøymessen; church filled with people and the traditional and the innovative-they face each other in texts, music and hymns. It is President of the Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Helga Haugland Byfuglien, as appetizers, and Schola Sanctae Sunnivae singing.

13:30   None
Non (None) is the last of the Little Hours Takes place at the ninth hour, the time when Jesus died.

14:30   Pontifical Mass (Catholic)

14:00   Daily Prayer with Communion

17:00   Vesper
Vespers (evensong) is the service at sunset. Anciently, and from a liturgical point of view, vespers (the evening before) was the start of the day/celebration.

20:30   Completorium
Completorium (Compline), a brief service before the night. Compline was often held at the bedside when the day was “complete”.

Wednesday 30th July

08:30   Pilgrim Service

12:15   Noon Prayer in the Chapter House

15:00   Pilgrim Mass in the Chapter House

14:00   Daily Prayer


Thursday 31st of July

08:30   Pilgrim Service

12:15   Noon Prayer in the Chapter House

15:00   Pilgrim Mass in the Chapter House

14:00   Daily Prayer

18:00   Thursday Mass


Friday 1st of August

08:30   Pilgrim Service

12:15   Noon Prayer in the Chapter House

15:00   Family Mass
The Olavsfestdagene´s great Family Mass is celebrated on Friday 1st of August. Bishop Tor Singsaas leads a pilgrimage for children towards the Cathedral earlier in the day, and during the service singers from Korsommerskolen at Mjuklia will participate. The service is led by chaplain Beate Iren Lerdahl.

19:00   Vesper
Evensong is sung each Friday in the Chapter House. The liturgy will be held in Norwegian. Texts and hymns are varied by the time of year within the form of the liturgy.

14:00   Daily Prayer


Saturday 2nd of August

08:30   Pilgrim Service

12:15   Noon Prayer in the Chapter House

13:00   Pilgrim Mass in the Chapter House


Sunday 3rd of August

11:00   High Mass with the theme PEOPLE
From old ages the 3rd of August was named Little Olsok, in memory of the day when Olav was canonized in 1031.We are celebrating the last day of Olavsfestdagene 2014 with a High Mass in the Nidaros Cathedral where this year´s theme PEOPLE also will be the theme of the service. Dean Ragnhild Jepsen will be officiating. Folk musicians will also be performing.