Ticket information

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets from our program, at billettservice.no, by phone +47 815 33 133, at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, and at Tourist Information Centre in Trondheim. During the festival period you can also buy in the stalls at Nordre gate (the street Nordre), the Town Hall and the Arcbishop’s Yard.

Buy tickets from the program

Collecting tickets

If you order tickets you must pick them up within two days after the date you ordered them. You can collect your tickets at the ticket stalls (during the festival period), at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, and at the Tourist Information Centre in Trondheim. Tickets that are not collected will be offered for sale one hour before the performance. Tickets that are bought will not be refunded.


If you are a student or a pensioner you are offered a discount at some of the arrangements. Children under 15 years are offered student tickets. Children under the age of three years free of charge. When buying an ordinary ticket, the owner of the escort proof for a disabled person has the right to a free entrance for his/her escort.

Seats and standing

In Church of Our Lady all the seats are numbered. At some of the arrangements in Nidaros Cathedral the seats are located in sections (north, south, east and west) at different prices. The rest of the festival arenas have only unnumbered seats.In the the Arcbishop’s Yard there is only standing room, except at Salmekveld and Kirkelig Kulturverksted, where there are seats only.


Admittance for concerts is half an hour before the concert starts, except at the Archbishop’s Yard where admittance is one hour before the start of the concert if nothing else is specified. Umbrellas are not permitted in the Archbishop’s Yard because of security precautions. Bringing chairs is not allowed.

Other events

Tickets for museums, exhibitions and the like can be bought at the entrance of the arena where the event takes place. Tickets for guided tours are sold in the Visiting Centre at Nidaros Cathedral. St.Olav Festival and Billettservice do not sell tickets for these arrangements.