Ticket information

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets from our program, at billettservice.no, by phone +47 815 33 133, at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, and at the Tourist Information Centre in Trondheim. During the festival period you can also buy tickets at stalls in Nordre gate, the Town Square and the Archbishop’s Courtyard.

Buy tickets from the program

Ordered tickets must be picked up within two days. They can be collected at the ticket stalls (during the festival period), at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, and at the Tourist Information Centre in Trondheim. Tickets that have not been collected will be made reavailable for sale one hour before the performance. Tickets which have been purchased will not be refunded.


At some events there is a discount for students and pensioners. Children under 15 get student discount. There is no charge for children under three. There is no charge for the escort of a disabled person who buys an ordinary ticket and can present a companion card .

Seats and standing

In Church of Our Lady all seats are numbered. For some events in Nidaros Cathedral, seats located in different sections (north, south, east and west) vary in price. At all other festival arenas seats are unnumbered. In the the Arcbishop’s Courtyard there is standing room only, except for Salmekveld and Kirkelig Kulturverksted, when there is only seating.


Admittance to concerts is half an hour before the start of the concert, except at the Archbishop’s Courtyard where admittance is one hour before the start of the concert unless otherwise specified. For security reasons umbrellas are not permitted in the Archbishop’s Courtyard. It is also not allowed to bring chairs.


Most events take place in the city centre. We encourage use of public transport AtB.

Other events

Tickets to museums, exhibitions and similar events can be bought at the entrance of the arena. Tickets for guided tours are sold in the Visiting Centre at Nidaros Cathedral. St.Olav Festival and Billettservice do not sell tickets for these arrangements.


St. Olav Festival wants events to be accessible for as many as possible, also for visitors with special needs.

The opening ceremony in the Archbishop’s Courtyard and West Front meetings are interpreted in Norwegian Sign Language, and there are induction loops which cover most of, or parts of, the large arenas including the Archbishop’s Yard, the west Front of Nidaros Cathedral, Ytre Kongsgård (outside the Archbishop’s Courtyard), the Sparebank1 stage at Torvet (The main Square), Church of Our Lady and Olavshallen. There is access for wheelchairs in Nidaros Cathedral, in the Archbishop’s Courtyard, at The West Front of Nidaros Cathedral, Ytre Kongsgård, in Church of Our Lady, at Olavshallen and at the outdoor café in the Archbishop’s Courtyard.

Companion cards are accepted at all events.


The Archbishop’s Courtyard

For evening concerts in the Archbishop’s Courtyard there is a ramp for wheelchairs by the stone steps in front of the bishop´s wing. Wheelchair users may bring an escort. There is a large screen facing this area, it is possible to buy food and drink and there is a handicap toilet nearby. This area can become rather crowded, but every attempt is made organize the space.

During the day there is a ramp which also makes the café area accessible for heavy electric wheel chairs.

The right side of the Archbishop’s Courtyard, seen from where the audience is seated, is covered by an induction loop. The opening ceremony on Tuesday 28 July at 13:00 is interpreted in Norwegian Sign Language.

Information about accessibility to other arenas can be found under each event. Unfortunately this information is at present only in Norwegian. Send an email to info@olavsfestdagene.no for any further specific information which may be required.