Stall holder

Final date for registration: 1 March

Letter of reply and invoice for registration fee and rent of stall will be sent in week 11.

Registration fee: 1 April

The registration fee must be paid within 1 April. Paid registration fee is a confirmation of your participation. The registration fee will not be refunded if you should want to cancel your participation.

Rent of stall: 15 days after received invoice

Invoice for rent of stall will be sent in the middle of April.


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All the exhibitors pay the same registration fee, NOK 2 000. All the prices include electricity. VAT (value-added tax) comes in addition.


An entire stall: NOK 12 600 for the whole period
Half stall: NOK 6 300 for the whole period


NOK 6 000 for the whole period. Stalls are primarily rented out for exhibitioners who demonstrate a craft and sell products.


NOK 4 500 for the whole period

Economy and registration

  • Nobody is registered before the registration form is filled in and the registration fee is paid. The registration is binding, and the exhibitor is responsible for the stall fee if the organizer is not able to rent out the canceled area to someone else.
  • The registration fee is not refunded on cancellation.
  • Two companies can make an appointment to share a stall. Each company apply individually for a half stall. In the application form you will write the name of the company you wish to share the stall with. Both companies pay a full registration fee.
  • Sublet is not allowed.
  • Terms of payment: Net on due date. If the terms of payment is not fulfilled, you will lose the stall. The place will then be at the disposal of the organizer, following the same guidelines as a cancellation.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for possible damage that may have been brought upon the stall.
  • The organizer provides security from the time of the installation until the dismantling must be finished, but is not responsible for displayed articles and other equipment. Producer or exhibitor must accept responsibility for insurance of the articles during the sales period. The use of storerooms is at one’s own risk.
  • If the Historical Market because of force majeure (unforeseen circumstances like fire and the like) cannot be completed, the paid fee will not be refunded.


  • All the articles for sale must have their origin in the period from the Middle Ages until the 19th century, and must be approved by the organizer in advance. The organizer has the opportunity to refuse products and the area applied for. Plastic bags, dummies and the like is not permitted.
  • Company posters and signs must have an appearance which fits the profile at the market and the products. Free samples and advertisements must only be given out from one’s own stall. The organizer can reserve the right to remove unsuitable advertisement.
  • All serving of food is reserved the organizer. Still it is possible to apply for exemption from this regulation.
  • The participants must be dressed in clothes from the period that stretches from the Middle Ages until the 19th century.
  • Exhibitors using their private tents must make sure these are made from materials and has an appearance that agree with the profile of the market. Pictures or sketches must be attached to the application. St. Olav Festival does not accept white plastic tents.
  • The exhibitors are encouraged to, in a positive way, to create a lively atmosphere during the market.

Practical matters

  • The exhibitor is solely responsible for installation, dismantling and transportation of their own goods. This is also the case for parking space for own vehicles.
  • Exhibitor must make sure it is tidy inside and outside his/her stall.
  • The organizer may be able to help finding storage space for goods during the night in the sales period.
  • Exhibitor is himself/herself responsible for accommodation. It is not allowed to stay over night at the market place.


  • Driving in and out (installation and dismantling): Weekdays: between 09:00 and 10:00 and between 18:00 and 19:00. Sundays: between 11:00 and 12:00 and between 16:30 and 17:30 The times are valid unless the organizer has given the exhibitors other information.
  • The exhibitors are obliged to follow the opening and closing hours during the festival period.
  • When the exhibition is dismantled, the stalls must be left without decorations, nails and the like. If this is not obeyed, the organizer can do the necessary clearing up on the exhibitor’s account.

Violation of the regulation may lead to immediate closing of the stall and dismissal from the market.

Ticket info

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets from our program, at, by phone +47 815 33 133, at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, and at the Tourist Information Centre in Trondheim. During the festival period you can also buy tickets at stalls in Nordre gate, the Town Square and the Archbishop’s Courtyard.

Buy tickets from the program

Ordered tickets must be picked up within two days. They can be collected at the ticket stalls (during the festival period), at Narvesen, 7-Eleven, and at the Tourist Information Centre in Trondheim. Tickets that have not been collected will be made reavailable for sale one hour before the performance. Tickets which have been purchased will not be refunded.


At some events there is a discount for students and pensioners. Children under 15 get student discount. There is no charge for children under three. There is no charge for the escort of a disabled person who buys an ordinary ticket and can present a companion card .

Seats and standing

In Church of Our Lady all seats are numbered. For some events in Nidaros Cathedral, seats located in different sections (north, south, east and west) vary in price. At all other festival arenas seats are unnumbered. In the the Arcbishop’s Courtyard there is standing room only, except for Salmekveld, when there is only seating.


Admittance to concerts is half an hour before the start of the concert, except at the Archbishop’s Courtyard where admittance is one hour before the start of the concert unless otherwise specified. For security reasons umbrellas are not permitted in the Archbishop’s Courtyard. It is also not allowed to bring chairs.


Most events take place in the city centre. We encourage use of public transport AtB.

Other events

Tickets to museums, exhibitions and similar events can be bought at the entrance of the arena. Tickets for guided tours are sold in the Visiting Centre at Nidaros Cathedral. St.Olav Festival and Billettservice do not sell tickets for these arrangements.


St. Olav Festival wants events to be accessible for as many as possible, also for visitors with special needs.

The opening ceremony in the Archbishop’s Courtyard and West Front meetings are interpreted in Norwegian Sign Language, and there are induction loops which cover most of, or parts of, the large arenas including the Archbishop’s Yard, the west Front of Nidaros Cathedral, Ytre Kongsgård (outside the Archbishop’s Courtyard), the Sparebank1 stage, Church of Our Lady and Olavshallen. There is access for wheelchairs in Nidaros Cathedral, in the Archbishop’s Courtyard, at The West Front of Nidaros Cathedral, Ytre Kongsgård, in Church of Our Lady, at Olavshallen and at the outdoor café in the Archbishop’s Courtyard.

Companion cards are accepted at all events.


The Archbishop’s Courtyard

For evening concerts in the Archbishop’s Courtyard there is a ramp for wheelchairs by the stone steps in front of the bishop´s wing. Wheelchair users may bring an escort. There is a large screen facing this area, it is possible to buy food and drink and there is a handicap toilet nearby. This area can become rather crowded, but every attempt is made organize the space.

During the day there is a ramp which also makes the café area accessible for heavy electric wheel chairs.

The right side of the Archbishop’s Courtyard, seen from where the audience is seated, is covered by an induction loop. The opening ceremony on Tuesday 28 July at 13:00 is interpreted in Norwegian Sign Language.

Information about accessibility to other arenas can be found under each event. Unfortunately this information is at present only in Norwegian. Send an email to for any further specific information which may be required.


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Get to know many new people and have an unforgettable summer experience in the splendid milieu of the volunteers. Tasks that are both exciting and enjoyable, giving you fantastic concert experiences while you are working.

Apply to volunteer See our Facebook group

Groups and tasks

Host for artists

Do you want to become a contact person for artists and other guests during the festival? As a host for artists it is your job to make sure that the prominent guests of St. Olav Festival feel welcome and are well taken care of during their stay in Trondheim. The needs of the artists decides your working hours. Final working hours will be agreed upon with the leader of the group.
Leader of the group: Mats Berg.

Ticket sale

Do you want to sell tickets at the different arenas before the events? This can be done during the day or during the evening. NB! You must be at least 18 years of age to become a member of this group.
Leader of the group: Thor Følstad

The Festival Cafeteria

Do you want to cook and serve food for the voluteers during the festival? St. Olav Festival highly values the welfare of the volunteers, and you will be an important part of this. The festival cafeteria is situated in very nice premises at Katedralskolen (a high school). Works three shifts, respectively morning, afternoon and evening during the period 27 July until 2 August.
Leader of the group: Elise Djupedal


Do you want to get to know the festival even better by working more as a volunteer? Then V+ is something for you. Each volunteer group has one or more V+ who is given more responsibility than the others. This could possibly be production assistants, journalists, vice-leaders of the groups and vice-leaders of the arenas. You will be trained for the job.
Leader of the group: Elise Djupedal


Do you want to produce texts or take pictures for St. Olav Festival during the festival? The job will mainly be to produce texts and picture coverage for Working hours will vary in accordance with responsibility.
Leader of the group: Therese Høstad


Do you want to spread the good news about St. Olav Festival before and during the festival? The tasks will be to distribute the festival paper and mini folders before the festival. During the festival there will be different marketing activities, like hanging up posters and signs about the events. You can choose to work before or during the festival.
Leader of the group: Gunveig Holthe

Resource group

Do you want a variety of tasks giving you the opportunity to see the festival from different angles? The resource group is helping out at the different events and arenas. This includes delivery service, setting out chairs and assisting the scheduled events and the like. In this group you can suggest tasks you want to do. Working hours can be both morning, day and evening.
Leader of the group: Elise Djupedal

The Secretariat

Do you want to answer enquiries from visitors, artists, volunteers and others who might have questions? The secretariat is at Scandic Nidelven, and is responsible for the registration, accreditation, delivery service and information. In this group you can work at daytime and/or evenings.
Leader of the group: Ingeborg Ranøyen


Do you want to transport people, equipment and the like? We are looking for people who want to get to know the festival area, Trondheim city and the distance to Værnes (the airport) from the driver’s seat. Working hours can be days and evenings. NB! You must be at least 18 years of age and have a driver’s license to become a member of the transport group.
Leader of the group: Ragnar Kvithyll

Spreading of well-being

Do you want to be one of several high-spirited people who are spreading joy and are walking around at the festival area with the impressive ”well-being carriage”? These people make sure that the volunteers enjoy themselves at work. You will walk around offering coffee, cold drinks, fruit and sticking plaster for other volunteers. Works two shifts, morning and afternoon.
Leader of the group: Merete Aas


Do you want to work close to great cultural experiences? At all of our 15-20 arenas we have hosts who fill different roles with different tasks. This may be to escort and receive visitors, tear up tickets, simple guarding, answer questions and collect beer cups and garbage at the arena. The job as host is simply to give the visitors of the event an experience as good as possible. Working hours may be day, afternoon and evening.
Leader of the group: Marit Sjelmo

Selling beer and wine

Do you want to have great cultural experiences while working? At our two biggest arenas, Torvet (the main square) and Borggården (the Archbishop’s Courtyard), we have a big group of volunteers who serve wine, beer, soft drinks and small dishes. The job is to sell food and drinks and make sure the visitors have the best experience possible. Working hours will be mainly afternoons and evenings. NB! You must be at least 18 years of age to become a member of this group.
Leader of the group: Eva Graf-Andresen

Benefits and duties

Being a volunteer at St. Olav Festival gives you many benefits and opportunities. Below we will give a viev of benefits and duties for the volunteers.

  1. As a volunteer you will have accreditation. This means that you will have free entrance to all events if there are vacant seats. To get an accreditation, you are obliged to work at least 20 hours.
  2. An ordinary shift is six-eight hours. That means you can expect to work three-four shifts.
  3. You will receive the shift scedule within 20 July. St. Olav Festival is responsible of giving you enough working hours. If you refuse to work the shifts you are offered, the coordinator or the leader of the group can withdraw the accreditation you were given.
  4. You are offered free food while you are at work during the festival.

A volunteer during St. Olav Festival must have a telephone and an email that is checked regularly. All the communication with the volunteers before the festival is done by telephone and e-mail. The information you enclose your application will be stored by St. Olav Festival. This is necessary to ease the communication flow before, during and after the festival.

The applications for volunteer work at St. Olav Festival are considered consecutively during the spring. Volunteers who have been working at the festival before will only receive information by e-mail. Volunteers who have not been working at the festival before will be contacted by the leader of the group or the coordinator of the volunteers before an approval.

When you send an application for volunteer work, you also accept the conditions that are applicable.

If you want to withdraw your application as a volunteer, you must send an e-mail to as soon as possible.