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The Veil of the Temple by Sir John Tavener

Nidaros Cathedral   |   Billett med pakke en: 1150 / Billett med pakke to: 1300
Buy tickets: Saturday 1. August, kl 22:30

When you walk out of Nidaros Cathedral just after sunrise in the morning hours of the 2 August, you will be one of very few people who have experienced a performance of the seven-hour long work «The Veil of the Temple».

Because of its complexity, the work has only been performed five times previously. The conductor of the evening, Stephen Layton, is considered as one of the best conductors in the world and it was he who in 2001 commissioned the work the Veil of the Temple from composer Sir John Tavener to perform this in the Temple Church in London.

The Veil of the Temple by Sir John Tavener is a seven hour long concert starting at 10:30 PM on Saturday 1 August and will be going on through the night until early morning at 06:00 AM on Sunday 1 August.

Performers are Patricia Rozario (soprano), The Norwegian Soloists Choir, The Holst Singers (UK), The Nidaros Cathedral Choir and The Nidaros Cathedral Girls Choir and singers from Aurum, The Nidaros Cathedral Oratoriekor, Det Norske Mannskor and Chorus, all conducted by the well renowned Stephen Layton (UK).

When 200 choristers and 20 musicians perform the work through a whole night, it will be one of the most prestigious projects at St. Olav Festival ever.

Included in both ticket prices are:
A cushion
A water bottle
A chocolate bar
The concert programme
All packed in a bag that is handed out prior to the concert.

Also included in the ticket price NOK 1300:
One hot meal and one soft drink. This will be served at the café To Tårn situated in Nidaros Cathedral Visitor’s Centre.

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