The Air Force Band blows for the kids!

Children's songs and the beat of the band – join in and sing!

Children’s songs and the beat of the band – join in and sing!

With: The Air Force Band and soloist Julie Dahle Aagård

The Air Force Band is celebrating its 200th anniversary and has blown new life into treasured old children’s songs. Perhaps you will be able to join in on some of them? Sauntering and strolling in Jungelvise and En elefant kom marsjerende over the spider’s wonderful web. You also meet Mikkel Rev, Nøtteliten and even Captain Sorte Bill himself. With the help of soloist Julie Dahle Aagård, the band will revive the joy of singing in young and old.

As well as the songs, you can get to know all the strange instruments. Some are big, some are small, some shine like gold and some are made of wood. You blow in nearly all of them, but there are some that you bang on. If you listen carefully, you will recognise how the instruments tell about funny animals and people. Some are happy, some are sad, some are crazy and some are lazy. Since 1818, the Air Force Band has put on concerts for the citizens of the city. It leads the procession on 17. May, plays at public and military ceremonies and has arranged a series of concerts for children. Now we can hear again the famous concert Barnesanger og korpsklanger based on the band’s album Kjente, kjære og noen glemte barnesanger which was nominated for a Spelemann award in 2004.

Conductor: Lars Erik Gudim

The concert lasts for ca. 40 minutes.

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