Sondre Justad

Sondre Justad tears our hearts out and insists that they beat for someone or something. It’s your turn now.

Sondre Justad tears our hearts out and insists that they beat for someone or something. It’s your turn now.

The combination of intense pop art and the sunset will probably mean that the cobblestones in the Archbishop’s Courtyard will need restoring as a result of the cheerful swaying of the audience during the evening. For if there’s one thing that Justad is good at, it’s getting the audience to move and be moved.

Justad was Spellemann nominated as the pop soloist of the year, for the album of the year and as this year’s newcomer for his debut album Riv i hjertet in 2015. Already in 2016, he was the most frequently played artist on Norwegian radio. He has five gold singles and one platinum. Not bad for a modest guy from Henningsvær! Now he sits on the throne of high-power Norwegian pop-rock and comes to Trondheim with a real collection of hits.

It’s all about longing, intimacy, breaking up and lasting love which has nonetheless ended. In his unique way, he manages to generate a closeness between himself and his audience – and his message resonates especially with young adults who are in the process of finding their own path, whether as a newcomer in the city or when starting on a new phase of life.

The 27-year-old conveys this universal theme of love with such understanding that it embraces us all. And we haven’t even mentioned the great refrains and melodies which are so pleasing to the ear.

He doesn’t behave like a pop star but is, like his friends in Kråkesølv, concerned about the environment, equality and human rights. And though his songs are often about the small struggles of everyday life, he’s destined for greater things. He is an artist who can inspire both critic and listener, while at the time maintaining total dignity. You will experience all this for yourself during the evening in the Archbishop’s Courtyard, when he appears with a big band which is capable of raising an imaginary roof.

Did anyone mention Norway’s very own Håkan Hellstrøm? Yes, fantastic!

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