Sigvart Dagsland and Tord Gustavsen

A new duo has seen the light of day!

A new duo has seen the light of day!

It is a great pleasure to present a new collaboration between the popular folk singer and songwriter Sigvart Dagsland and the renowned jazz musician Tord Gustavsen.

The source of the new project is Sigvart Dagsland’s rich collection of songs. Dagsland has let Gustavsen choose freely from the songs and modify them however he wanted to. According to Dagsland, this has been an exciting process. –The songs have acquired a new dimension with Tord’s arrangements, he says, – Tord has given the songs more temperament and more lyrical moods.

Dagsland especially emphasizes work with the more spiritual melodies, such as Då barnå forsvant, and also picks out En stemme for de stemmeløse as one of new arrangements he is especially pleased with. That the material feels more sacred, is just fine since this concert takes place in Church of Our Lady. There is every reason to believe that this will be a special occasion both Dagsland and for the large audience which this concert is certain to attract.

Sigvart Dagsland – vocal, Tord Gustavsen – keyboard, Sigurd Hole – bass and Torstein Lofthus – drums.

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