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St. Olav Cinema: Open Bethlehem (2015)

Prinsen Cinema   |   100,-
Buy tickets: Wednesday 29. July, kl 17:00

A unique picture of a small town that has marked our imagination for 2000 years, seen through the eyes of one of the oldest Christian families in the town.

The respected Palestinian film director Leila Sansour comes back to her home town Bethlehem exactly at the time when the wall is being built. With this documentary she wishes to contribute to Bethlehem being opened, for both Palestinians and Jews, that this town will be an example, an opening for a peaceful coexistence for everybody.


Watch the trailer for the film here:


St. Olav Festival will present its own film programme during the festival, in a cooperation with Trondheim international film festival Kosmorama, showing films that are linked with the ethical values of the festival. All the films will be introduced by a member of the Kosmorama staff.

Tickets can be bought through trondheimkino.no


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