How Like an Angel

Love. Betrayal. Humility. Perseverance. Passion. Loss. Death. Life. When astonishing acrobatics meet monumental and historical church music under the majestetic columns and high vaults of Nidaros Ca

Love. Betrayal. Humility. Perseverance. Passion. Loss. Death. Life. When astonishing acrobatics meet monumental and historical church music under the majestetic columns and high vaults of Nidaros Cathedral, the stage is set for all the great emotions.

At last, after several years of trying, St. Olav Festival can now in 2016 present How Like an Angel, undoubtedly one of the most spectacular events in the history of the festival. Be ready to be drawn into a physically daring, yet floating and meditative sphere.

The intensely beautiful music of the UK based vocal ensemble I Fagiolini and the astonishing acrobatics of the Australian company Circa, combine to create an artistic expression which constitutes a tribute to the beauty of the cathedral.

How Like an Angel has received rave reviews in major newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Wall Street Journal. The New York Times described the show as “amazing”, a “wonderful collaboration” and a “heavenly Olympiad”.

This unique performance takes place in Nidaros Cathedral, with stages on both sides of the nave. The audience stands in between, practically in the center of the spectacular event.

I Fagiolini stands for the best of church music from the 1200s until the present day, from Hildegard of Bingen to important Renaissance composers, such as Thomas Tallis and Tomàs Luis de Victoria, to contemporary composers like British Adrian Williams with his beautiful “Hymn to Awe”. As specialists in Renaissance and contemporary music, the ensemble has, since its outset in 1986, earned a solid international reputation. It has won numerous awards and has so far released 19 recordings.

Since 2004, Circa has been at the cutting edge of the new circus experience – defying gravity, thrilling audiences and making them gasp in delight with innovative displays of grace and skill. Featuring multi-skilled artists and under the direction of Yaron Lifschitz, Circa has toured 34 countries in six continents, has won international acclaim and received prestigious awards.

Art is at the core of Circa. Their shows push the boundaries of circus art; they blur the lines between movement and dance, theatre and circus giving audiences a unique “Circa” experience. In their Brisbane studio, Circa also runs a training centre and workshop programme with partners throughout Queensland and beyond.

How like an Angel is performed only rarely and has never before been staged in Scandinavia. When it toured England in 2012, all performances were sold out. In Trondheim it will run for three evenings and be performed for limited audiences.

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