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Gjestehus (Guesthouse) – Trondheim Voices and Wild at art

Lademoen Church   |   Free entrance
Wednesday 29. July, kl 12:00Thursday 30. July, kl 00:01Friday 31. July, kl 00:01Saturday 1. August, kl 00:01Sunday 2. August, kl 00:01

Gjestehus is a living piece of art that will take place continuously during five days in Lademoen church. Join us into Gjestehus and away from daily life as you know it.

St. Olav Festival has invited Trondheim Voices and Wild at art to create a completely new and unique piece of art that examines the theme TIME, inspired by POPludium, which the ensemble performed in the building of the old post office in Trondheim in 2013. During five days Trondheim Voices and Wild at art will be living in the art. Through improvisation, with music, movement, situations and space, throughout TIME, they will examine what happens and what new experiences this could provoke.

Trondheim Voices and Wild at art have invited the musician Christian Wallumrød to Gjestehus in order to compose a new work that will be performed and shaped throughout the whole period, and the most outstanding live sound producer in Norway, Asle Karstad, who through his long collaboration with the ensemble always leaves his mark on the sound of Trondheim Voices.

Gjestehus will open the doors to Lademoen church Wednesday 29 July at 12:00, and will not be closing until we are into the fifth day, Sunday 2 August at 18:00. The church will be open continuously, and the audience is free to come and go as they wish. The music will be the core of everything that happens, through compositions, improvisations, movements and dance.

Follow the project and its updates through this link.


We have left everyday life as we know it. There are no clocks, nor everyday norm or rules. Gjestehus is life unfolding in the periphery of everything we know.

Here we welcome chaos as we blur the meaning of time, in an attempt to find new language, new music, new ways of being together. Here you can surrender to the flow, to what we do not know. To a state where art, music and life become one.

For five days you are invited to come and go as you please. Gjestehus is open to all and is always open. Feel free to bring a friend, a blanket, something warm to tuck yourself in with, because, if you´d like, you can move in with us, into the art. In here, you decide yourself who you want to be.

Here is no hierarchy, no rank. Gjestehus is a liminal state, an “either-or” – a collection of possibilities, that we can all shape. Is it possible that we, together, can empty ourselves of what we think we are, what we think we can, or who we should be?

This is how Gjestehus will evolve over time, in the day´s rhythm, with the music and together with everyone who is there at any time. The boundaries between musician and audience is constantly unstable.

The music will shape the house, and will be shaped simultaneously by everything that happens. Compositions goes in and out of improvisation, everyday turns into dance and in the dance we will all meet.

Can we find a ground zero together? Can we start something new?


Trondheim Voices is an experimental vocal ensemble consisting of ten improvising, professional singers, all with a background from the jazz course at NTNU. In recent years they have sought beyond traditional venues and formats for vocal music and through their collaboration with Hertling and Cirka Teater, they have extended their improvisational work to include dance, movement, space and situations. Their collaboration with Cirka Teater, Eirik Hegdal and Asle Karstad in 2014 led to two Hedda-awards and a nomination for this year’s Music Theatre Price, for the show Hundre Hemmeligheter. Artistic director Siri Gjære. www.trondheimvoices.no

Wild at Art is an artistic strategy and attitude, work platform, methodology and collaborative practice, which will allow artists to research and produce new spaces and preconditions for life and art. Wild at art creates exceptions and opportunities; situations that may challenge our rules of conduct, norms and identities that we have learned. Wild at Art initiated and run by artist Ann-Cathrin Hertling. www.wildatart.no

Christian Wallumrød music is characterized by a strong tonal language, complexity and beauty. It will always have its own time and energy, which is not defined by the expected conventions, but the desire to create tension and states that stand for itself. Wallumrød´s music is characterized by that it holds potential for change and development through teamwork and improvisation – which is also the core of Gjestehus. Wallumrød has composed for his own and others ensembles since the 1990s and is signed on the ECM label. www.christianwallumrod.com

Asle Karstad is one of Norway´s leading sound artists, and has collaborated with Trondheim Voices for years. Together they were awarded a Hedda-award for best audio-visual design for the show Hundre Hemmeligheter in 2014. Karstad works with all forms of sound, and together with Arnvid Lau Karstad they have developed the system Maccasolve, which allows the singers of Trondheim Voices to move freely while at the same time they are able to control effects live. Produced by Trondheim Voices/Midtnorsk Jazzsenter Supported by Norsk Kulturråd and Trondheim Kommune

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