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Assassination, extremism and two men on a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean in a world where the sixty-two richest individuals own as much as half the population of the world.

Assassination, extremism and two men on a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean in a world where the sixty-two richest individuals own as much as half the population of the world.

Mammon’s many facets are portrayed in the festival’s most impressive film programme so far:

We are pilgrims (Stein Løvø)

Friday 29 July 17.00

We are pilgrims

Five people are in a minibus on their way to Sweden. They don’t know each other, they live different lives and have different beliefs. Now they’re on a pilgrimage together, one hundred and seventy kilometres in one week, from the Swedish border to Nidaros Cathedral. Their mission is to find out why more and more people go on pilgrimages. The method is easy – they try it out for themselves. The route becomes a meeting, with their surroundings, with history, with the other pilgrims and with themselves.

The Mediterranean (Jonas Carpignano)

Saturday 30 July 17.00

The Mediterranean

A burningly topical film about refugees who risk their lives in a dangerous journey across the Mediterranean. We make the acquaintance of two men from Burkino Faso, Ayiva and Abas, as they try to get from North Africa to Italy and the promised land, Europe. But what meets them on the other side is no paradise.

Inequality for all (Jacob Kornbluth)

Sunday 31 July 17.00

Inequality for all

We live in a world where sixty-two individuals own as much as half the population of the world put together. The documentary Inequality for all follows economist and author Robert Reich in his struggle to create awareness of the constantly increasing gap between the poor and the rich in the USA. Robert Reich, who was also Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, says: «It’s people that create the rules which steer the economy – and we have the power to change the rules, if we want to».

Umrika (Prashant Nair)

Monday 1 August 17.00


A warm, intelligent comedy which portrays the dream of Umrkca – or America – as seen from a little village in India. A film about how cultures perceive one another, all the stereotypes, prejudices and misunderstandings, and not least about how what is unknown and strange becomes exotic.

Jihad – holy warrior (Deeyah Kahn)

Tuesday 2 August 17.00

Deeyah Khan

A prizewinning documentary about Islamic extremism. For two years, the Norwegian-English director Deeyah Khan followed several young British men who have joined the violent extremist group IS. What is it that motivates them to join the so-called Islamic State? In an interview with Aftenposten, Kahn says that she was very pessimistic when she started the project, but that she was more hopeful at the end.

Rabin – The Last Day (Amos Gitai)

Wednesday 3 August 17.00

Rabin - The last day

Itshak Rabin, the Prime Minister of Israel, was assassinated by a Jewish extremist on November 4 1995. This documentary – based on historical film recordings and reconstructions – deals with the last days of Rabin’s life and the circumstances surrounding the murder, the subject of a number of conspiration theories. Director Amos Girai wants to know why this happened. What was it in the cultural climate that made such a violent tragedy possible?

This changes everything (Avi Lewis)

Thursday 4 August 17.00

This changes everything

Our economic system – capitalism – is at war with the planet we live on. Life on earth. We can’t change the laws of nature, but we can change economic models. So the tragedy isn’t climate change – it is possible to build a better world, says author, journalist and activist Naomi Klein. Change the world – or be changed. But don’t get it wrong: This changes everything.

99 Homes (Ramin Bahrani)

Friday 5 August 17.00

99 Homes

By working for a greedy estate agent who is the root of all his problems, a father fights to get back the home from which his family has been evicted. According to Dagbladet, the film portrays American capitalism as a rotten, doomed system. «What is fascinating – and tragic – about the estate agent isn’t his lack of conscience and his opportunism, but rather his complete inability to accept other benchmarks and values than those of capitalism».

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